About DSC

Dragon Steel Corporation

Dragon Steel Corporation (DSC) was established in 1993. In 2004, the corporation, whose original name was Kuei-Yi Industrial Co., Ltd., was renamed “Dragon Steel Corporation” with a capital increase and became a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation in 2008. DSC is located in Taichung. It upholds the values of teamwork, entrepreneurial approach, down-to-earthiness, and pursuit of innovation and is dedicated to technological improvement, intelligent manufacturing, continuous carbon reduction, environmental protection, and value creation. Its vision is to become a world class steel manufacturing base.

Brief Introduction of Operation


DSC is the only wholly integrated steel plant with both an electric arc furnace and two blast furnaces in Taiwan. Its main facilities were designed by adopting the latest, highly efficient, and environmentally-friendly designs.

The types of steel which DSC’s blast furnaces produce include general carbon steel, structural steel, high-strength low alloy steel, etc. It can also produce general structural steel with the specifications of the largest hot-rolled thickness and width in the CSC Group.

The electric arc furnace produces narrow steel plates and H beams with high strength, toughness, a low yield ratio, and seismic resistance. The specifications of DSC’s H beams are the largest in Taiwan.


Main Equipment & Annul Production
Equipment Standard Capacity
150 ton Twin-shell DC Electric Arc Furnace, 1 set 1.08 million metric ton/year
Beam Blank Continuous Casting Machine, 1 set 480 thousand metric ton/year
Billet Continuous Casting Machine, 1 set 720 thousand metric ton/year
Section Mill, 1 set 600 thousand metric ton/year; Include Narrow & Wide Plate
Blast Furnace, 2 sets 5 million metric ton/year
Sinter Plant, 2sets 6.2 million metric ton/year
Coke Plant, 2sets 2.118 million metric ton/year
Basic Oxygen Furnace, 3sets 5 million metric ton/year
Slab Continuous Casting Machine, 3 sets 5 million metric ton/year
Hot Strip Mill, 1set 4 million metric ton/year


In the future, DSC will continue to heighten the values of its products, promote green production, introduce the best production processes and technology, enhance the efficiency of energy utilization, integrate the needs of its customers, strengthen the advantage of quality services, be dedicated to environmental protection, fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and propel the upgrade of the steel industry in Taiwan.